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Posted by Unknown on Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

The business community has finally understood that to succeed in your Internet marketing program, you must adopt more effective strategies.

Gradually the simple sites, which is designed to have a presence only, begin to disappear, leading to business sites much more robust, higher quality and better content.

In this era of the early years, which usually begins implementing various marketing programs and develop new projects according to expected growth, we feel it is important to mention some points that will help you establish an appropriate strategy Internet marketing.

Here are the four most important issues of an Internet marketing program (which should receive special attention) and our recommendations for improvement in each of these concepts:

1. Web Site Content Customer oriented

Although the graphic design of a Web site is the one usually takes the applause, the Internet marketing specialists are well aware that the success of your website, and hence its marketing program depends primarily on the content . The content of your website should be defined customers in mind and must fully meet their information needs.

You are required not only to publish market and technical information about their products or services, but also to provide information on how to use, optimize, install, implement, repair and / or keep your product line, what to do and who to call in case problems, focus on how to select products, offer advice and suggestions, among others. If well informed, can you provide a service, rest assured that your site is highly recommended.

Do not be surprised if one or two years his company integrates a content manager within your organization. Many sites still operate based on small teams, but the bigger sites and robust are the product of joint efforts of large workgroups, coordinated by a Content Manager and supported by specialized software for content management (content management) .

Today, Web Sites include many of the functions of a company (sales, marketing, logistics, customer service, purchasing, communications, human resources, among others) and is virtually impossible to manage the operation of these sites without a Manager of Contents.

The real value of a website is its content. If you are someone who is more concerned with images, color and animation, it would be advisable to invest your priority scheme and is more concerned from the outset of the project by spending as much time as possible to enrich the content of your site.

2. SEO

If your company Web site is not listed in major search engines world-class, most likely your competition in Mexico or elsewhere on the continent, which is bringing business opportunities on the Internet.

It has created great confusion around the positioning, because many managers and executives take it for granted that once published, the website will be occupying the top positions in search engines. If your site has reached the proper search engine optimization, surely you have not paid for this service. The reality is that the positioning is a service that can be as or more expensive than the actual development of the site, and that to achieve these top positions in search engines requires knowledge and experience from the developer.

Positioning is another service in which you should invest. It's like when you design a brochure for your company. Once printed, the brochures will not reach its customers unless you hire a company to distribute and pay for this service. The design and publish a site does not necessarily mean that you automatically achieve the desired levels of positioning.

Today, we all know the importance of positioning in search engines. We know it is vital to achieving our business objectives online. Our recommendation is that you ensure that your team responsible for developing the site, or the service company you have hired, have knowledge and experience in this matter, and to prove it.

The emails with new business opportunities will be waiting for you after you deploy your Web site, depend largely on positioning.

3. Promotion

There is no worse strategy to publish a website and sit back and wait for the email. You are required to inject sufficient fuel for the machinery to work. Now you know that the positioning in Search Engines is a vital element of promotion. You can help and become a catalyst for the process.

Negotiate the inclusion of your site in directories on the Internet those industries that your company serves and the main portal of prestige related to these industries. To the extent possible, publish your web address on all printed documents, business cards, newspapers, magazines and electronic publications through which you have contact with their customers.

The effect 'snowball will then: more promotion - more hits - better positioning.

4. Maintenance

A couple of months to let you pass without presenting anything new in its place, and forget about repeat visitors. A couple of semesters that do not perform updates in place, and be amazed at the customer questions. A couple of years not to update the information posted on their site, and you will then have two different businesses, and its current business and a copy obsolete.

We all know the problems and negative effects of a Web site obsolete. However, we are still difficult to fulfill our purpose to keep the information current. Perhaps this is because we were so used to communicating via print, but the Internet is much more dynamic.

Although requirements vary from one company to another, experience tells us that for most businesses, the best strategy for now is to implement an ongoing maintenance program with quarterly updates. Based on Internet growth statistics, it is likely that within a year is essential to implement a program with monthly updates.

Act like a professional. The difference between amateurs and professionals is that amateurs know about the details, while the professionals as well as the details are committed to working in each of them
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I've left all the internet marketing because of unsatisfactory results. after reading this I realized a lot of lack of internet marketing that I've ever done before. one time I would have done internet marketing because I have designed a product. thank you for making this article

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